Your Questions Answered

Coast Building Company can build in the Kempsey Shire, Port Macquarie Hastings and Mid Coast Council Government areas including Tea Gardens, Gloucester, Wauhope and all along the Mid North Coast of NSW.

A plan is the starting point for any build project, and it must work on your block.


It can be one of our standard designs, a standard design modified to suit your property and lifestyle or we can custom design a plan to work for you.

Armed with this we are able to begin accurate costing of your home, but a plan in the first instance is just what you see from the floor up. Knowing what needs to be done to get to that floor is absolutely critical.


Coast Building Company is very much a custom home builder. Our clients are able to select from our range of pre-designed plans, modify them to suit or create one from scratch with our helpful team. Some even bring sketches on napkins!

Why do I need the soil test?


Soil tests, or site classification, is one of the most important steps in the preliminary phase of building. It is work carried out by a Qualified Geotechnical Specialist to determine what is underneath your home.

A penetrometer test provides information regarding bearing pressures of the foundation you are building on. The shrink and swell test, by taking a sample of the soil and testing it in a laboratory, provides information relating to the ground movement derived from the presence of moisture or lack thereof, which is critical for the right slab & footing design.

The results of the soil test are detailed in a geotechnical report which is used by our engineers to determine the appropriate footing or slab design specific to your building site.

The engineer can then provide detailed drawings, enabling us to accurately cost getting you “out of the ground.”

When should I make my selections?

Our standard Lifestyle and Prestige inclusions are designed to suit your expectations of our high quality products and finishes. However you will have the flexibility to add your own finishing touches and our colour consultants will work with you to bring your home to life.

A good time to think about colours, appliances, floor finishes, bathroom fittings, garage doors, even driveways, is when you have your plan finalised. This way, when you work with our consultants, our selection process aids in choices being made with complete confidence.

This is your home and our aim is to customise it to your needs with the help of your creativity.

What is it and why do I need it?


A contour plan is a detailed site survey that provides us with a surface picture of the site. It outlines the property size, defines boundaries, services, easements and the “lay” of the land, giving an accurate picture of the fall and the distance of services such as water, power and sewer mains or connections.

This provides us with much of the information we need to accurately estimate the cost of getting to the floor level.

When should we have engineering completed on our design?


So now the engineer is armed with information regarding what is under the ground surface, but to do his design he needs other information, he needs to know what is designed above the slab. Exterior finish, cladding or brick, structural beams, load bearing points for support columns or posts, all these things are critical to engineering design.

By starting with the plan as a first step, providing the contour plan and the geo-tech report, the engineer can now accurately detail his design for the entire home.

The engineers’s design is an integral part of your build, it is the backbone of your home, and having the structural design completed at this early stage means you can be sure everything is specific to your site and your plan. It also allows us to cost the structural works specific to your project.

You will not be asked to enter into a contract where an “allowance” has been given for the design and site costs, or worse still, has been left out entirely pending further investigation.

Coast Building Company always include the site classification in our one price quote.


All of our tradesmen and women live and work in your local area. Where practical our suppliers are sourced locally as well. Our goal is to support local businesses and the local economy.

“Of course you have questions”