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Coast Building Company delivers a professional service when providing you with an accurate fixed price quotation. There is some key points which must be determined before your quote is prepared, that if left to chance or assumption they are included could lead to costly changes or disappointment. Our detailed Cost plan provides you with further information enabling you to better understand our process and some of the detail required to prepare your fixed price quote.



Michael Kucinskis Co-Owner/Licensed Builder Coast Building Company

The answer is simple!

To safeguard you against price increase, you can then be assured of value for money and be confident that all of your site specific costs and requested inclusions are included and accurate.

Free quotes may deliberately contain insufficient allowances and possibly leave out relevant information, site specific detail that is imperative for the construction of your home simply to get you in.

Think about it: How often have you’re heard of a friend or someone who has experienced a costly variation because of extra’s or basic allowance related costs.